Vetting Procedure

All au-pair applicants are interviewed. Please note, not every girl who applies to be an au-pair is accepted.



'Our first experience of having an au pair has been extremely positive. Angelika has really become part of the family and is such a great help to me with the kids - I don't know what I would do without her! My advice to any family thinking of getting an au pair would be - first and foremost, it's your responsibility to make it work - go out of your way to make your au pair welcome, be as flexible as you can and remember that she is away from home and can be very vulnerable.

Concentrate on building a relationship, have plenty of conversation (that's why she's here after all) and you will get the most out of the experience. Children can be hard work - make sure you support her in developing a relationship with yours. If you can build a friendship, everyone and especially the kids, will benefit. We will definitely go this route again and we will stay in touch with Angelika and hope that she will come back and visit.'

Elaine from Dublin