Study Opportunities
Meet new people, develop a special interest and further improve your English by taking classes at a local college. This is the perfect chance to make Irish and international friends. Choices can range from garden design to sign language, tapestry, painting and drawing, calligraphy, cooking, flower arranging, computers, photography, child psychology, journalism, belly dancing, Irish dancing, etc.

Alternatively, you might prefer to join a local sports club, choir or drama group.


You have to get this experience, I am serious. Ireland is a nice country. I stayed on in Ireland and am now living in Dublin. Irish people are really nice, friendly and helpful. It is amazing have many different cultures and people I have met over here. My best friend is Mexican. I never met people before from Brazil, Mexico, Sudan, South Africa or Canada before and I've met loads of young people. I'm still in touch with them. You have to experience it for yourself. "

Öznur , Berlin, Germany

"I'd like to recommend Ireland and Dublin in particular to anyone who wishes to work as an au-pair. This is a good place to learn English and experience the everyday life of an Irish family.
Living in an Irish family is the best way to improve your English and learn about the culture.
Host families are always kind and nice. You can rely n them for helping you to settle in and they will treat you as a member of the family and not like an employee.
Moreover Dublin is a very nice and lively city, so that it is easy to meet people."

Caterina Feroci, Florence, Italy