Advantages of becoming an Au-Pair
  • Become fluent in English
  • Have the unique opportunity to live the Irish culture and lifestyle first hand
  • Explore Ireland and travel around in your free time
  • Gain extensive experience in childcare
  • Make friends from different countries
  • Gain confidence and develop a new independence
  • You will mature and develop as a person


"Being an au-pair in Ireland changed my life completely. Ireland becomes a part of you when you live there. The outgoing people, the nature, the culture...too many things to name! I took a year out between highschool and college and was living with a great family with 3 young children. I'm still in contact with the family and a lot of the other friends I still have in Ireland. At the moment I'm thinking about becoming an au-pair again after getting my degree. I can definately recommend to spend a year in Ireland! Find it out for yourself!!!"

Anja Meems (21), Zuidwolde, The Netherlands

"During my stay in Ireland I immersed myself in the local culture, socialising! I went out most weekends with friends I met over there and during the week I really enjoyed family life with my host family.
Basically, I grew up through getting to know myself better and to reflect on my future. You could call it a sabbatical.
It was a fantastic experience and I would do it again if I could. We're two years down the line now and I still think about my au-pair year every day."

Kristien Cuyckens (20), Willebroek, Belgium